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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 4, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PST

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the nfl theme for you guys on last night's late night with jimmie fallon. hall of famer jerry rice . the atlantic falcons recreated a famous scr screen from jerry mcguyer. >> i love you. you come plote mow. and i am just, shut up . complete me. and just shut up.d me had me at. >> [laughter] >> will you be able to look at him the same way again. is that hilarous. it is just freaking wrong. and one last check. when it comes to relationship what is the biggest deal breaker with you. not being emotionally present and that could be defined in
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many ways on the diet. >> and kids not having or wanting any. >> can't to us. and no ike turners. >> okay. and i am looking for the new iturner. >> go to facebook passport com/7live owner >> that's going to do it for us. we'll check out on sunday morning. my guest will be henry winkler, the fons. stay tuned for the news at 4:00. have a great weekend. bye-bye.
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[ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. here fighting for his life in oakland. >> what happened to him is becoming all too common. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. they say enough is enough. >> they are banding together to protect themselves and their businesses.
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thomas roman is live in oakland for us. >> carolyn, the association of 120 mobile food vendors say its members are defending themselves because of too many robberies and deaths deaths in east oakland. as the video shows, the last robbery almost left two people dead. >> in the foreground, 32-year-old omar cassie yeahs is sweeping up the par where lot where the truck has done business for 12 years. according to police, one with his arm extended is sean ward morris. she accompanied by a 17-year-old who has not been identified. police say morris casiass said be cool and give me what you go the. casias runs and gets shot. he returned fire and hits morris who wrights on the ground -- wriths on the ground and stumbles away. >> we are not going to take this anymore.
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>> shelly garza is with rising sun on pro trough inures. she says she doesn't condone the vendors shooting back, but they are fed up and terrified of being easy marks for bandits. >> they feel terrorized right now. they feel terrorized, and i am trying to calm them in feeling that way. >> they say they are arming themselves to be able to fight back. >> they want to be able to identify for police anyone who robs them. manual fernandez ones the food truck. he has mounted cameras three times. he only speaks spanish. "one time a man got in the truck and took the money box and pistol whipped my employee." this is a scene the vendors never want to live out. they have plans that may help. >> let's work together to get cameras on the carts.
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let's work together to possibly get armed security for all of the trucks that work later. >> garza will be holding an emergency meeting sometime next week. they are going to try to work out some kind of defense plan. live in oakland, abc7 news.>> t. we have developing news in oaknd la, a series of shootings. the latest left four people wounded near international boulevard and 46th avenue. it comes after 3:30 along international boulevard near 65th avenue. it appears that victim was hit by several bullets. and someone opened fire on a mini-van and wounded two people at macarthur and hydee street. at leastt bullets went through the door.rrests have ben no arrests have been made in any of these three shootings in oakland. also tonight in oakland, three people were injured in a crash involving a hells angel. his motorcycle collided with a van just before 7:00 this evening at 98th and
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walter two police say two adults and a child suffered minor injuries, but were hospitalized as a precaution. the cause of the accident is under investigation. a medical drama is playing out tonight involving an undocumented immigrant in need of a kidney transplant. he may have a he donor, but he o claims the h refuse has refused to perform the life saving operation. here is here is that man's story and a donor have a donor in his wife who has the right blood type, but she hasn't been tested. either way he needs a kidney uct giving him one. they gathered to try to garner more help to get the hospital to change its mind. i spoke with him at his home. his wife translated. >> 35-year-old oakland resident jesus jesus navarro sps nine hours a day hooked up to his machine so he can feel well enough. what he needs is a kidney. >> after being on the
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transplant list at ucsf for several years, he says he finally reached the top of the list only to be told by ucsf in may -- >> that he couldn't do it because he sill legal. >> they can't comment on his case because of pry -- privacy laws. but they don't reject the potential transplant patients based on immigration status. ucsf is vigilant about ensuring that the few available organs are transplanted into patients with the best opportunities for long-term care and survival. >> he had a job. he had everything. >> navarro recently lost his job when it was audited by immigrations and custom enforcement. he still has insurance for now. it won't last. so an organization called just cause has started a petition. >> he was covering it up so
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ny reason to do it. and now he is still covered, and there have been many multiple members who have come out and they said they will continueim. support him. >> several organizations are also on board. >> they work for immigrant and refugee rights. it is for health care for all. >> in the meantime, he will continue his daily dialysis and hopes ucsf will give them a kidney. >> he wants to leave for my daughter jie. they say the drugs -- >> they say the drugs are costly and they sometimes end up in the net of safety care. they say they understand that the hospital needs to give the organs to people who can pay for the after care, but they are still hoping for a different outcome. if you would like to learn more go to our website. we have the complete statement from ucsf under see it on tv.
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ama dates reporting. a judge denied an emergency order that would have allowed him to son. grant h grant him visitation rights. he has not seen his wife or their two-year-old son since being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and child endangerment. the charges stem from an incident on new year's eve. the judge would not give him immediate access to his family, and the sheriff left court visibly upset. >> i know what he -- i miss my son terribly, and he misses me. is wife says she is in favor of letting her hussy their son. her attorney held up the drawing saying the two-year-old wrote "i love you mommy." daddy."you." the case is set for february 22nd. we are getting a look at 11 of the occupy protesters that a judge ordered to stay away from oakland city hall.
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that stay away order came after the protesters broke into city hall and vandalized the building on saturday. the city leaders requested the order because police say several protesters keep getting cited over and over again while nothing seems to happen to them. here are the people the judge awayssuedway orders to. you can see their names beneath their pictures as well. all of those charged -- all of them have been charged with crimes stemming from last saturday's protest. and they can be arrested again if they violate the judge's order which tells them to stay away from city hall unless they have official business there. the los angeles dodgers are trying to get a lawsuit filed by brian stowe kicked out of court. he wascoma into a coma in a parking lot. they say the security staffing at the game exceeded the requirements clearing the team of liability for stowe's injuries. he was hospitalized until october when he was moved to a
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rehab center. they are looking for a man they believe is trying to kidnap young schoolgirls. here is a sketch. the latest happened yesterday. a 10-year-old girl said this man asked if she needed a ride home. when she refused, she said the man grabbed her by the arm before she managed to get away. sonoma county says he is suspected it in two other incidents. tall.5 foot eight inches to average is thin build to medium to dark complexion. he has a heavy, spanish accent. he was wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and jeans. nation'sto come this friday the nation's leading breast cancer charity does an about face. the decision to restore funding to planned parent hood. >> expem employers are -- andem employers are hiring. how they could be a game changer for the president. >> and hundreds of people show up for a lifeline in their struggle to stay in their homes.
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>> and then coming up on "nightline". >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" super bowl undercover with a quarter million fans swarming indianapolis tonight. we follow the law enforcement teams. they are looking for prostitutes, pick pockets and guys with bombs.
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a major 180 and facing a firestorm of criticism. susan g komen for the cure is abandoning plans to stop funding for planned parenthood. laura anthony reports on a dramatic retreat and the fallout that may not go away. >> planned parenthood's spokesperson is excited now that the susan g komen foundation reversed its decision to cutoff funding to the planned parenthood chapters across the country. >> we are thrilled that the komen foundation reversed i decision. a key piece of what planned parenthood does is breast health and breast cancer screenings. >> we have never been asked to fund planned parenthood. >> the executive director of the bay area foundation.
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she says komen doesn't currently provide funding to planned parent area. >> we are not directly affected by what the original alleged policy was. >>rlier this week, the national common foundation created a firestorm by announcing it would no longer donate money to planned parenthood. planned parenthood was the object of a congressional investigation. >> it has been a very rough few days. >> the bay area komen board says the local chapter objected the cutted funding. >> it has been totally taken over by this, and i think our reputation has been damaged. >> besides the angry calls and e mails, at least one local organization has decided togiveo another nonprofit. >> are you going to change your mind? >> no, not this time. it is too little, too late. we don't want it to be connected with any political
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affiliation or any inned could of -- any kind of political issue. >> the bay area foundation could not put a on donant on donations lost from al so farthis. so far they say no major downers or sponsors have pulled out. laura anthony, abc news. you can read the statement at it is under see it on tv. surprising economic news. the latest job numbers show the lowest unemployment rate in three years. the nation's unemployment rate dipped for the fifth year to 8.3%. it is down from an 8% high in 2009. rebounding economy added 243 jobs last month. experts say president co-ed improvement is -- say continued improvement is welcome news. >> it is an excellent predicter. it is the one thing they know for sure makes a difference is if you are going into an election and unemployment is coming down, that's good for you. >> this is the slowest recovery since the great
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depression. this is nothing for the president's people to cheer about or be advertising quite frankly. >> the republican presidential candidate mitt romney said despite those numbers the policies have slowed down the recovery and made it more difficult. the the stock market soared. the dow closing at its highest point since before the financial crisis. *9 nasdaq is the highest in 11 years. packedot of homeowners packed in for what could be the last chance to avoid foreclosure. they lined up before dawn for the neighborhood assistance corporation of america's save the dream event. they offered homeowners a shot at a 2% mortgage if they can prove their current loan is unaffo unaffordable. many can qualify for other modifications. >> the process is great. the result was great.
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we are able to cut our mortgage in half. we are happy. we can keep our house and keep on living. >> when you meet with a lender we have a negotiator there side by side with the barrower to make sure the deal gets done. >> more than half of the homeowners who attended received some sort of help. they say the dream event continues tomorrow through monday. there is time if you need this from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., register and find out what documents you need to bring. you do need documents. go to under see it on tv. it can be a powerful resource. >> it sure can. beautiful of the -- beautiful weather out there. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> dan and carolyn, you will want to take your plans outside. if you haven't made them yet, just go ahead. it will be stunning this weekend. speaking of stunning, look at this view from the high definition cameras. it gave us such a beautiful sunset at 5:35. the orangey reds you are
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seeing there, that's thanks to the haze that's in the atmosphere this afternoon. and with us tonight, look at this sunset. it is from the parking garage. he said, no, this is not from the sierra. this is right from the garage. thank you for sending your photo and please keep them coming. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. we do have patches of fog. the visibility is coming down. look at this, down to 6 miles in concord and 5 miles in livermore. it is not dense, but we have enough fog in places like hayward. the visibility is becoming poor. so first thing in the morning you will have to deal with some areas of fog. we will go with cold tonight. patchy fog inland. mild afternoons, and cooler next week with a chance of rain coming in on tuesday. that's our real opportunity as far as the next few days are concerned. we are dropping below freezing.
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napa 30 degrees. same thing for santa rosa down to 31. freezing cold in fairfield. 32, mid30s vallejo, concord, livermore. san jose, chilly and 40-degree readings. not quite as cold in san francisco. tomorrow afternoon it is mild again. we still have the same pattern in place. it is a large ridge of high pressure here. it is diverting the storm track to the north. dry pattern holds through the weekend. the winter weather, you have to get into the central united states where places like colorado, some areas are picking up two feet of snow, and they will still be counting snow. the winter storm warnings are in the central u.s. and blizzard warnings there. that's where the trough is, the storm is. here in the bay area, the high pressure dominates offshore breezes through sunday will mean unusually mild weather. enjoy this weather. 66 in santa rosa. 63 in san francisco, half moon bay. out toward oakland, 66
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degrees. 63 in antioch. livermore, fremont, san jose, mid60s. a little high cloudiness tomorrow. hazy sun again. around the monterey bay, it is unusually mild. it is spring-like. 70 in salinas, 69 in gilroy of the 67 in morgan hill. if you are going to the giants fan fanfest, lovely. 10:00 to 3:00, sunny and mild. upper 50s in the beginning, and then climbing into the mid60s range. we also have the lunar new year's celebration in redwood city tomorrow. the year of the dragon is bringing great looking weather for all of the outdoor plans. warming for sunday, midto upper 60s. and then we cool it off next week with carolyn and dan. chance of rain on tuesday. we are holding out hope. >> exactly. >> we will take anything. coming up next, a replacement for the old ball of string. >> plus, get ready for oscar sunday. oscar .com is your source for the academy awards, predict the winners, watch live video from the red carpet and go
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back stage during the show all
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san jos saluted african-american history month at city hall tonight. dancers moved to the beat of the african drummers, and san jose raised the african-american history flag for the first time ever tonight.
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>> san jose kicked off the seventh year of south first friday art walks. they flocked to galleries, shops and restaurants. the community event takes place on the first friday of every month in the area around south first street. babies playing with i pads are awfully cute, right? apparently it is so 2011. here is the 2012 version. it is a cat playing with an i pad ann designed to keep your -- app designed to keep your tabby from getting crab be. you can find it under -- at an app store near you. >> good use there. >> larry is here. >> the cat uses the pad better than i did. that's sad. is eli manning a hall of fame quarterback? we will talk super bowl. and a hall of famer in a
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different role. >> i love you. you complete me. >> jerry rice actor.
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good evening. you can rely on eli. they are planing on manning. you can't spell elite without eli. can eli manning beat tom brady for the second time? manning delivering in the clutch. burris says if manning wins on sunday he deserves to go to the hall of fame and they are happy to rely on eli. >> we have had our backs to the wall. players performed well under that circumstance. our leader, our quarterback has been a very cool customer, and they have done very well late in the fourth quarters of many games this year and they put us in a position where we might win. >> with football season almost over baseball is about to begin. the giants met the media today. they will meet everybody at fanfest at at&t park. lynn succumb dpre gring to a -- agreeing to as spbut theren whether he wants to stay
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long-term. but he is open to a deal that would make him a giant for life. >> i will be a giant the next two years regardless. there is just finding common ground with the arbitration coming up, whether a two-year deal or multi-year deal will work out. there was just no more thinking about it or what fans were wondering. it is set in stone and done, and let's move on. >> bay area favorite returns tomorrow night in san he came in on an hbo card for 122 pounds. there has been a fair amount of trash talking leading up to this fight. he is irritated with vasquez. >> he just gave me the picture i believe he is a boring fighter. if you want to see -- i know m why 2ing to hurdle. i know i am going to >> here is jerry rice as you
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have never seen him before. maybe that is a good thing. reenacting a seen from "jerry mcgwire" on" late night with jimmy fallon." >> i love you. you complete me. >> shut up. just shut up. you had me at hello. >> oh brother. rice and tony gonzalez performance. it will never be forgotten. that is your toyota sports report. for the record, i am going for the patriots. >> i would like to see tom brady get it. >> me too. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley.
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